Friday, September 6, 2019




-prostitution is illegal
-marriages are not having sex and getting divorces, due to no sex (Bradley-Colleary, 2019)
-too many sex crimes ("National Sex Offender," n.d.)


-make prostitution legal (McKinley, 2019)
-sex worker rights ("Oral Statement to UN," 2011)
-mutual consent untouchable ("By Mutual Consent," n.d.)
-promote clean escorts with client condom / barrier use ("Know Your Chances," n.d.)

According to O'Connell Davidson (1998) prostitutes hold no bargaining power with clients, rights or legal protection. Yay Nay PAC's position is that bargaining power regarding price is based on client reviews via supply/demand. Worker conditions should be based on accepting/rejecting client control variables via advanced search criteria. Any deviation is documented via review from each party, score of 1 for strong deviation is a strike against client, client can have 3 strikes until banned; yet, each strike requires agency to find acceptable provider via advanced search control variable within all jurisdictions.



-district attorneys are justifying police-involved shootings (Soto, 2021, Nov 05)
-abuses by intelligence community; hacking wifi, disrupting networks, shutting down computers; hearing voices / electromagnetic field energy, and hurting body via intelligence technology (Soto, 2020)


-prosecute the prosecutor
-create Intelligence Community Enforcement (ICE) agency (Soto, 2020, Apr 7)
-give human rights activists more rights [Make it illegal for spy satellites to target the spinal cord / brain / capillaries / auditory system of the human body of human rights activists / students. Make it illegal for the intelligence community to hide within homeowners associations (HOA).] (Soto, 2020)
-lessen intelligence community power
-make intelligence community abuses felonies
-remove intelligence clearances for abuses



-targeted discrimination towards Latinos within our culture


-have open borders for one world
-give more rights to immigrants
-give more money to Latin American nations
-help Latin American nations prosper


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Intelligence Community Abuses: The Interviews. Award-winning journalist, Ricardo Santiago Soto, asks the general public questions about how they feel regarding intelligence community abuses.

Intelligence Mobsters: Journal Entries. Scholars will find useful the journalistic writings regarding national security legislation and its consequences. This book will familiarize you with the bad actors that lie hidden behind sophisticated technology, such as surveillance and malicious espionage.

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